Hello guys, I would like to share some important tips with you and sometime you might known these tips also you love C/AL coding and you would hate this area, which is error handling. So Let’s have a look of better error handling in Dynamics NAV

So may be you love if we have Try Catch statement to capture the errors. But we can have simple way to handle some error,

Mostly we are facing run time errors. For instance , you will have a calculation like  AvgAmt := LineAmt / TotalValue  ,What happens if TotalValue is zero ? Yes of course you will get an error which may you mostly familiar Divided by zero error.

So how we are going to handle these type of run time errors, Let me tell you some interesting thing, You can use IF condition to handle this type of errors, For instance, simply you can check if the Totavalue is 0 or not. If it is not 0 you can allow the calculation else you can  assign default value to the TotalValue. Here is the example,

IF TotalValue <> 0 THEN
    AvgAmt := LineAmt / TotalValue
AvgAmt := 0;

Sometimes you may have used GET Function to retrieve values. You already know how to use  GET Function, But sometime you will get error, for instance, Customer “” does not exist  something smiler to this, So what we have to do is we need to keep the get function with IF condition.

IF NOT (Customer.GET(“C001”)) THEN CLEAR(Customer);

So now you know, using simple IF condition we can handle run time errors  in some area in Dynamics NAV.


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