Dynamics NAV Developer / Technical Consultant

Today we are going to share some interesting information that How to become Dynamics NAV Developer / Technical Consultant. So what is so important and what is the demand for navision erp.

Dynamics navision has more demand in Asian countries as well as Europe . Industry, they have separated two roles which are dynamics navision developer / technical consultant and dynamics navision functional consultant. So we are going to look what are the responsibilities and rolls related to the nav developer / technical consultant.

Dynamics navision developer who is responsible mainly for the doing customizations, report designing, giving technical solutions and more. It is more recommended to work with dynamics nav partner. Why it is more important then you can work on various kind of domains. Also if you are working with dynamics nav partner you will know about navision supports.

Dynamics nav is using C/AL programming language. Programming concepts still same like other programming languages. This language is object based language.


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