Shopify connector becomes extensible

We all know, current Shopify connector has limited features, also it is not extensible. Good news is Microsoft has published connector becomes extensible with 2023 wave 1 release.

Let’s see what we can do and the available events.

What Microsoft Says;

Business value

Tailor Shopify Connector to address the specific needs of your business.

Feature details

Shopify Connector has been non-extensible, but we’re changing that. We’re offering a few points of extensibility. We’ll keep the number of points to a minimum so that we can follow the rapid development on the Shopify side without introducing breaking changes.

We’re opening for extensibility for specific scenarios, based on feedback from our partners and customers. Please share your scenarios as comments to the following product suggestion: Allow extensibility of the new Shopify Connector Extension.

Relnotes (no date) Shopify connector becomes extensible, Microsoft Learn. Available at: (Accessed: May 26, 2023).

Let’s see what Microsoft says in technical perspective.

Let’s take Table 30127 as an example; We can see Access has set as Internal; Microsoft will remove this property with next release.

Snapshot: table 30127 “Shpfy Product”

So, what we need to do, add the dependencies and extend the tables, pages

Snapshot: dependency

Not only the tables and pages, Microsoft is planning to provide access to Events. You may find this information from Objects expected to become public

Few examples of extensibility can find here; Extensibility Example

But extensibility might be limited, so we all can submit improvements directly through

What you think? 🙂 That’s all for now, Readers! Keep an eye out for my next post.