Have you ever got this error ????

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Break On Error Message:

Table ID must not be 14 in Default Dimension Table ID=’14’,No.=”,Dimension Code=”.

Not like this, but you will get the slimier one. Let me explain this scenario.

Some one added two fields in location table which are linked in to dimension value table (Like shortcut dimension 1 and 2). When I debug the error it was trigger from default dimension table .

If you press F9 on Table ID  field you will see code like bellow.

CALCFIELDS(“Table Caption”);
TempObject.Type := TempObject.Type::Table;
TempObject.ID := “Table ID”;

So I went into DimMgt.SetupObjectNoList. 

If you clearly look into the function code like this.


Simply I add a line by mentioning the  table . In my case it is Location and it was not there before So I added Location. But keep remember you need to increase the dimension value in TableIDArray variable. So previously it was 25, I have increased and new value is 26.


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